Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's a Boy!

We found out last week that we are going to have a baby boy this time. The planning has already begun and Warren is giving a lot more input this time for some reason...this is the baby bedding we've decided on:

The only one "man" enough for Daddy! He insisted on a road construction theme for our little boy. He also says his "coming home" outfit will be camouflage. Since he didn't get his way with that with Mallory (he wanted camo for her too), I am going to give in this time around.

We have decided to name our son Brooks Warren Byrd. We like picking a name early so we can begin calling the baby by his/her name as soon as we know what we're having. We did that with Mallory and enjoyed it and so we decided to do it again with Brooks.

Here is a family Easter pic taken during the egg hunt at Honey's house (my Grandmother). It had gotten pretty cold and it stormed soon after the hunt. Mallory was a champ at picking up eggs and putting them in the basket. Warren was trying to teach her how to steal other kids' eggs out of their basket...

I recently went without my Mac for a while because my friend Jenny's husband, Richard, was helping me install some updates. Thank you Richard, I'm really enjoying my "new" iMac and appreciate all of your help. He is quite the IT guru, you should check out his site that showcases many of the websites he's created:


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

yay for boys in 2009!!!! i love the name and will be praying for a healthy next few months for baby brooks and then a beautiful life together for all of you!

StephMilton said...

Congrats Warren and Jennifer!! Boys are so sweet and I absolutely LOVE the name!! What a special family you have! Miss y'all!!

Keith McGee said...

I like the bedding and love the name. Congrats again!

Tracy said...

Congratulations!!! I am excited for you and I love the name Brooks!

Randi said...

Hey! The bedding is perfect for a boy! Nice muted colors. Will your crib be dark wood like the pic?
And I really like Brooks. Mallory and Brooks has a nice ring to it :)

Ya'll take care,
Randi Lynn