Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer Fun

Surfer Chic Mallory

I just love this swimsuit on her! I got it so it would protect more of her skin from the sun and I think she looks just like a surfer girl in it!

This is from our "Babymoon" we took recently to Hot Springs. The weekend was also known as "Mallory Fest" to her grandparents! It was the first time for us to leave her for that long, but we thought if not now, it would be quite a while before we could have time like this together again.

Playing some bball with her cousins at the camp on Memorial Day weekend.

We call the slide "wee!". Mallory goes down all by herself and says "agin".

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The long awaited wedding picture. This is Mallory taking pictures with Sarah & Jake before the wedding. As you can see, she was loving all of the attention.