Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So ready for Springtime!

We went to Ruston this past weekend for Sarah Elshout and Jake Leger's wedding. The Elshout's are great friends of ours from Cook Baptist Church and have adopted us into their sweet family. The wedding was gorgeous! Mallory made her first appearance in a wedding as part of the Bridal Entourage. It was a small group of children going down the aisle ringing bells and repeating "The bride is coming!" Of course, Mallory didn't say all that, but she did an excellent job walking down the aisle holding onto Kenzie's hand. We stayed the weekend with the Nutts, no really! LOL, just kidding Katie & Stephen! We had such a good time visiting with their family and Mallory really enjoyed playing with Rylie and Morgan. I regret to inform you that I have no pictures of the wedding or our visit with the Nutt family at this time...but I do have some incredible pics to share!

While we were in Ruston, we decided to get pictures taken of Mallory by our friend and fabulous photographer, Crystal Garcia. Her site is www.crystalgarcia.com. She's located in Ruston, but is willing to travel to other areas to photograph.

We first got to know Crystal through one of her other entrepreneurial tasks, Bradley Method Childbirth Instructor. We were expecting Mallory and were really interested in having a natural childbirth, but weren't really sure if we could do it. We were so glad we took her class! We did have a completely natural birth with Mallory and Warren was an excellent coach/supporter! I really don't think we would have had the strength, courage, and knowledge to have a successful natural birth had it not been for Crystal's class. If you are in the North LA area and are expecting, I highly recommend taking her Bradley Method class.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of our beautiful baby girl:

Me with my new Mommy 'do!


Tracy said...

She is beautiful!!! Those are wonderful pictures. And Jennifer, I LOVE your new hair-do!!!

Kate said...

Look at those fat arms! I just want to eat her up!